Upcoming Workshop: Products of the Hive

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Join Erma’s Bees and Crabtree Farms for a fun-filled and interactive presentation and demonstration of bees and the products we gain from the hive.The workshop will be Saturday, July 16  from 10-12pm at Crabtree Farms. Free for members and $10 for non members.

The two part segment presentation and demonstration will provide participants with an interactive introduction to beekeeping, and a discussion and explanation about various hive products. The class will cover topics  such as pollen and pollination, producing acclimatized queens and bees, and hive products, including venom,  wax, honey, royal jelly and bee bread. Along with the discussion includes a demonstration of making various body care products combining beeswax with herbs and honey.

The Reeds are owners of Erma’s Bees, a local apiary with a primary location on Crabtree Farms of Chattanooga. They have been keeping bees in Hamilton County and surrounding areas of Tennessee and North Georgia for twenty-five years. Their primary focus is honeybee health and sustainability through  the education of beekeeping issues, pollination, raising locally  acclimatized queens/bees, honey production and wax related products.  

The Reed’s actively seek to increase their knowledge as well the knowledge of others, through training with local, state and national associations and organizations. The Reed’s hold positions of certification under the University of Georgia, Tennessee and Florida Master Beekeepers, North Carolina State University and the Eastern Apicultural Society.


Space is limited. Sign up today by emailing mtalley@crabtreefarms.org or online at crabtreefarms.org


Guest Post by Victoria Jocsing, Crabtree Farms Intern


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