eat well, buy right, go local!

With every bite you make a choice. Buying locally-grown food has the power to grow our economy, enhance the health of our families, protect our environment, and add to the richness of our community. Look for the Harvested Here brand at local farmers markets, grocery stores and restaurants, and choose locally-grown food!

Join the movement. Eat local.

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The fresher the food, the more flavor it contains!  Locally-grown produce is usually harvested within hours of sale and can be picked at peak ripeness to maximize its taste. Because they sell them fresh, local farmers can grow varieties of fruits and vegetables that offer outstanding flavor, instead of those bred chiefly for their long shelf-life.  Our local farmers also cultivate a range of different heirloom and heritage breeds, offering a spectrum of tasty choices throughout the growing season.

It's fresher!

Studies have shown that produce begins to loose valuable nutrients the minute it is picked from the plant.  Because locally-grown food does not spend days in transit across the country, it is more nutrient-dense than produce sourced from more distant locations. Local farmers also tend to practice sustainable agricultural methods and avoid or limit their use of pesticides and other potentially harmful compounds.  By purchasing local food, we are choosing healthy, fresh food.

it's healthier!

Not just for us, bur for our environment, too!  Small farms tend to use less polluting inputs than food produced on an industrial scale, and they use less energy to transport it.  When stewarded responsibly, farms can also improve the quality of our air, water and soil.  Supporting our community farms means protecting valuable land from excess commercial development and ensuring that healthy, fresh food is available for future generations.

it's personal!

When we buy locally, we are buying from our neighbors.  It is an exchange based on a relationship, and not just a dollar sign.  Most transactions between farmers and consumers take place at a market, where we can put a face behind our food.  Not only does this interaction elevate our awareness of what we eat, but it also strengthens our community and deepens our sense of place.

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