Lavender 'N' Rust Herb Farm
Sustainable Growing Methods

374 Tarvin Road

Rock Springs GA, 30739

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Farmers: Ivana Patterson


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Ivana Patterson


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26-Feb-2016 01:29 PM

At Lavender 'N' Rust Herb Farm, we offer all things lavender! We sell herbs for culinary use, insect control in gardening, attracting pollinators, and honey production.

Lavender ‘N’ Rust Herb Farm is a teaching farm; a place where you can come see how herbs grow in the landscape- herbs you may not know about, but mostly lavender. Classes are offered on Monday evenings beginning on April 18 from 6pm until 8pm. Cost is $20 per person.

Subjects are:
• Herb Gardening: includes soil, compost, weeds, companion planting, and a variety of herbs to grow in your space.
• Potpourri/Perfume: this class allows you to make your own personal perfume and the techniques of making potpourri.
• Cooking with Herbs: demonstrates how to make pesto, herbal vinegar, infused cooking oil and dried seasonings.
• Kitchen Cosmetics: a fun class that teaches how to use what you have in the kitchen, plus herbs and a few other ingredients that will work for you.

Call 423-290-5244 or email to sign up


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