Why Buy Local?


Everyday people choose local food for freshness, flavor and to support our community. With every bite we make a choice and these choices reflect our values. When buying locally-grown food, you are saying that a sense of place, community, health, and taste matter to you.


But what is local food? It’s food grown and crafted closer to your home - and by close we mean within 100 miles of Chattanooga. Locally-grown food includes fruits, vegetables, meats, milk, eggs, artisan cheeses, breads and more. It is food grown and tended to by the hands of your neighbors and because it is grown closer to home and picked at the peak ripeness, you can taste the difference in freshness and flavor.


Search the TasteBuds Online website to learn more about the farmers, chefs, food artisans, and resource organizations, and gardeners who make up our local food movement!



Know your farmer, know your food!