For a long time, I wanted to go to Poland, to the Elite Casino. But, of course, I didn’t want to go to the first job I got, just to stay there. When I came to the recruitment agency “Mariage”, I immediately said that I was interested in a vacancy chef. It approached me that I did not need work experience and knowledge of Polish. True, the term of the working contract is only three months. But I have a monthly salary of 900 euros. I don’t have to pay anything for living either. I had to work six days a week, so it was one day off.


Not so long ago he worked in Slovakia in a factory producing poker chips. I will tell you right away that there were no stands because absolutely all workplaces met European norms and safety standards. I was offered to conclude a formal working contract with the company. The accommodation was paid 50%/50%, i.e. half was paid by the employer, and half by the applicant, i.e. me. In addition, I had a paid vacation for 25 days per year, which I also liked very much.