Lois the Pie Queen

What about Pies? Apple pie is thought to be one of the American symbols. Pies are loved by the Americans a lot, but one of the first pies were eaten by the ancient Egyptians living around six thousand years B.C. They used fruits, some honey and nuts along with the dough to make a pie. […]

Senorita Bread

These rolls have appeared on the Philippines, rather often they are named Spanish bread, but in fact, these rolls are of a completely of Philippine origin. It remands of the Spanish bread named ‘ensaymada’, but in the rolled variant. Maybe, that is why, it is referred to the Spanish in its name. These tender and […]

Nauti Dolphin and Pizza

Pizza Origin Let’s find out about one of the most popular foods in the whole world. According to the scientists, pizza like dishes were eaten in antique times when people from Egypt and Greece had some flat bread covering them with some olive oil and tasty spices. Later, in Italy when pizza started its triumphant […]