Lois the Pie Queen

What about Pies?

Apple pie is thought to be one of the American symbols. Pies are loved by the Americans a lot, but one of the first pies were eaten by the ancient Egyptians living around six thousand years B.C. They used fruits, some honey and nuts along with the dough to make a pie. But scientists believe that the first pie were created by the ancient Greeks.

As to some American facts concerning pies, they are the following:

  1. Every year around 200 million pies are purchased by the Americans in grocery stores.
  2. Many Americans try to serve a purchased pie as a home -made dish.
  3. In the 17th century a pie made from pumpkins was first eaten by the pilgrims on their second Thanksgiving Day.
  4. A large number of the Americans has eaten a slice of pie in their bed.
  5. The first cookbook of America was written by Amelia Simmons in the 18th century, and it included apple and pumpkin pie recipes.
  6. In twenty- four states of the USA apple pie is the fave take away food, which they grab at the food spots.
  7. When the Roman Empire grew in territories, the pie recipes were introduced in various areas of Europe.
  8. There was a curious case of robbing a bank with the pies. Once a man tried to rob a bank being armed with apple pies. He claimed that he had several bombs with him, but, in fact, he just had the pies brought from McDonalds.

Lois the Pie Queen

That is a very cozy and hearty place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. You might have steaks, omelettes and waffles for breakfast, patties and other delicious foods when visiting this place. The serves food to go, there are no reservation and delivery options, the spot is vegetarian friendly, so the vegetarians might feel fine with the choice of dishes here. There are indoor sittings only.

Lois the Pie Queen, Menu

Homemade biscuits, scrambled and fried eggs are just what you need to fuel your day. The pie place is owned by the Afro Americans, so the food is prepared in their style of cooking. As reviews claim their fried chicken and pies are really amazing and impossible to forget their taste.

Pancakes and waffles, incredible pies with creamy fillings and other desserts are thought to be one of the best in Oakland. They also have excellent chops, sausages and toasts, their specialties are tasty and heartwarming. A variety of sandwiches, hamburgers and salad might be available for you if you happen to come to North Oakland, as to the beverages they include coffee, tea varieties, juices etc.

On Sundays you might try their dinner specials where the main dish is served with a choice of supplementary foods and the muffins made from cornbread. These muffins are really home -made, and all their food tastes like a warm and cozy home. The whole dinner special will cost less than 20 dollars for a person. So, share some of your time and go to this food location on Sunday, you won’t regret eating there, as having access to their dinner special dishes is a real treat and enjoyment of life and taste.

Of course, their pie and cakes are impossible to miss, try them or you might lose a lot without these flavors.

Lois the Pie Queen, Drinks

For two-three dollars you might get the coffee, tea, cranberry, grapefruit, orange and pineapple juices, milk, some cider, soda etc. The whole list of the menu with approximate prices, as they might have been renewed already, you might find when going to this link:


Lois the Pie Queen, Hours

The cozy place normally works from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the weekdays. On Saturday Lois the Pie Queen works from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. On Sunday this restaurant lets the visitors enjoy their food from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

One more important feature of the spot is that they don’t accept credit cards, that might be inconvenient for most people, but the food and atmosphere will compensate the absence of card payments.


This cute and honey Oakland place is totally worth visiting and try all their dishes and beverages. The restaurant represents a classical Oakland cuisine, when staying there you will find out what it is like to eat home- made foods of a regional, even a little historical taste. This place is not about the fast food chains and modern restaurants, it is about exquisite foods, traditional attitude, friendly and so warm atmosphere. If you are staying near the area or just crossing it, enjoy the best meal, feel homey.