Nauti Dolphin and Pizza

Pizza Origin

Let’s find out about one of the most popular foods in the whole world.

According to the scientists, pizza like dishes were eaten in antique times when people from Egypt and Greece had some flat bread covering them with some olive oil and tasty spices. Later, in Italy when pizza started its triumphant way up to recent times, tomatoes and lard were added to it.

delicious pizza
delicious pizza

In Naples of the 18th century there was a big flow of the workers coming to a growing city and searching for jobs. Most of them were very poor, so the most popular dish of those times for these workers became a pizza. Pizza spots were located outside and the people did not have to get inside for ordering some meal. They took a box with pizza, they could it several slices while being free and they could carry it in their arms, it was pretty convenient for them.

At that time toppings for the pizza portions were not versatile. Lard, olive oil and spices were mostly used. The richer people could afford to eat pizza with cheese and tomatoes, but it wasn’t often. But in the 19th century every has changed for this substantial dish, as a royal family of a queen and a king came to Naples.

It happened after the Italian reunion, the royals were fed up with the complex foods of the French origin, which they had every day. They wanted to try some simple local treats, so a cook made for them three variants of the despised pizza, which was considered to be the food for the poorest.

Queen Margherita liked the local dishes and her fave variant was the bread with mozzarella pieces, basil leaves and tomatoes. Now this pizza may be met at almost every corner of the world where civilization exists, so you already know to whom we should be thankful for this pizza for.

Since that time pizza ceased to be thought as a dish for the poorest people, aristocrats and royals loved it and started eating its variants, as well.

Now, as you may eat pizza in every spot in the US, there are some curious facts about this mouthwatering product:

  1. According to statistics every second the Americans eat three hundred and fifty pieces of pizza.
  2. Most Americans, preferring pizza, eat it no less frequently than once in a month.
  3. The most expensive pizza in the world is sold in Italy, and for eating it you would need to pay twelve thousand dollars. For this recipe dough is aged in a certain way, then, a cook comes to your dwelling and makes it. The ingredients for this pizza normally are buffalo cheese, three sorts of caviar, Norway lobster, pink sea salt from Australian river etc. I think most pizza lovers would be eager to try it once in their lives.
  4. Some Americans prefer thinking that pizza might be eaten for breakfast.
  5. The most popular topping ordered by the people is pepperoni.
  6. In 2012 the largest pizza in the world was cooked in Rome, Italy.
  7. No person know why pizza is named like that. The first name ’pizza’ was used in about 100 A.D. in Italian documents.

Nauti Dolphin

Nauti Dolphin is a very nice pizza place where you might order an excellent pizza with other dishes for a very friendly pricing. Nauti Dolphin is located in Fairfield, the state of Connecticut. If you have doubts about to visit this location or not, read the article and find out more about this place.

Both on ‘Yelp’ and ‘Tripadvisor’ pages this place is rated as 4.4, that is a very high rate, so the visitors are satisfied with all the characteristics of the food spot.

Does Nauti Dolphin Deliver Pizza?

Yes, Nauti Dolphin has an option of delivery, so you have all chances to receive your pizza to your home or office after running some errands around the area. As to the take out options, there is also possible to get your food to go and grab a slice of the tastiest pizza with you or have it while being on the road. But there are no reservations possible, though. Fortunately, the spot accepts credit cards, not only cash, which is important in the modern reality of the US. A big plus is that delivery from the spot is free of charge.
The opening hours of the pizza spot Nauti Dolphin are from11 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. if you made up a decision to grab some pepperoni or vegetarian pizza, make your plans according to the working hours of the location.

Nauti Dolphin Facebook

The café has a page on Facebook where you might see all the info and contacts along with reviews from the customers. So study it to get what you want, if you opened a page and there is a smiling dolphin on it, you are in the right place online:

Nauti Dolphin, Menu

Let’s discuss some menu of this warm place. As you understand this post serves not only pizza, but also other Italian foods like calzones, pasta etc.
There are appetizers like loaves, salads and sausages on the menu.

Grinders and pasta are also very tasty and fresh, calzones and a pizza, which may be sold by one slice or as a whole piece. It is actually pretty convenient to have a slice of pizza if you are alone, and you don’t need to purchase a whole one.

So, keep in mind that there is a such an option in this location of Italian cuisine. There is a large choice of specialty pizzas of both small and large sizes.

The sample menu may be viewed by you online here:

Of course, the prices and menu items might change with time, but, still, the approximate dishes and prices might be seen on this page.

Nauti Dolphin Gluten Free

Since August, 2013 the spot has been serving gluten free pizza, so it is suitable for those people keeping to a gluten free diet because of special health conditions or life choices. If you need such kind of pizza, call the workers and ask about the option available for you or your close people.

Nauti Dolphin, Telephone

The pizza might be ordered by you in advance, then, you are able to come and take your order with you without a long wait. The telephone for calling to Nauti Dolphin for placing an order is the following: (203) 256 1877. Phone them and enjoy your Italian foods.

Pizza Delivery, Fairfield, CT

Pizza Mediterranean is a wonderful place to grab your pizza meals, they have online order services and some other pleasant options. Their Google rating make up 4.3. You are able to make an order when opening this link:

Planet Pizza Fairfield is another decent place to have some pizza and satisfy your belly. Their Google rating makes up 4, and you might place an order by referring to this link:

Here you will find all the necessary info and details about the place, their hours of working etc. It is convenient when some food establishment has a site.

Pizza Palace is also ready to fulfil your wishes. Their Google rating is 4.5, the reviews are fine, the visitors claim their atmosphere is warm hearting and their dishes are always fresh and super tasty. You might use some info for ordering the meals here:


As you see you won’t have problems finding pizza and Italian dishes of decent quality in Fairfield, so go ahead and have some delicious pizza!!