Senorita Bread

These rolls have appeared on the Philippines, rather often they are named Spanish bread, but in fact, these rolls are of a completely of Philippine origin. It remands of the Spanish bread named ‘ensaymada’, but in the rolled variant. Maybe, that is why, it is referred to the Spanish in its name.

These tender and little rolls are made from dough being rolled into small finger like shapes with the previous filling them with butter and sugar. That is not the only version of senorita bread, and you might use your imagination and tastes to turn it into even a tastier dessert. But we will speak about it later.

How to Make Senorita Bread, Recipe

If you try these rolls in a panaderia or any other place, you will definitely wish to make it at home. There is a recipe for you to make these airy rolls melting in your mouth.

Dough Ingredients:

  • One fourth of a cup with warm water, heated around one hundred-one hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Two tea spoons of yeast (try or normal)
  • One teaspoon of sugar
  • Three and a half cups of flour or more, if necessary
  • One third of a cup with sugar
  • One tea spoon of salt
  • Half a cup of milk
  • Half a cup of melted butter, it should be without salt
  • Two big eggs


  • One cup of sugar
  • Half a cup of melted butter, it should be without salt
  • One cup of crumbs from bread

How to prepare:

  1. In a bowl or some measuring glass you should blend water, one tea spoon of sugar with yeast. Wait for ten minutes until the mixture get frothy and increases in volume. If that did not happen, check the water temp, as it might be too hot, so do the same actions once more. If the mixture hasn’t increased again, you should change yeast.
  2. Take a large bowl, start whisking together such ingredients as sugar, salt and flour. Then, add the yeast blend, melted butter, milk and eggs. Mix them all together until the blend gets homogeneous.
  3. By using a mixer or with hands, form the dough until it is elastic and homogeneous. If you do that with your hands, don’t forget about adding flour. When dough is ready, place it into some slightly oiled bowl, cover it with some wrapping and leave it to increase in volume twice for around three hours.
  4. Take the dough out, put it on the board or some suitable clean surface and start diving it into two parts. Then, form a log from each part, slice each part into eight pieces and form balls with a weight around seventy grams or two and a half ounces.
  5. Do the rolling of each piece into a rectangular shape with the sizes around three by five inches. Pour some melted butter on each piece, scatter crumbs of bread and sugar on them. Start rolling each piece from one end to another until it gets a desirable form of a roll.
  6. Spread some crumbs of bread and sugar on the rolled breads again, put them on a baking sheet, covered with grease or oil. Leave them rise a little for around thirty minutes.
  7. While the rolls are raising, heat the oven up to 190 degrees Celsius or 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, put them into the oven and bake them around fifteen minutes until you see them turn brown with a golden crust.
  8. The best way of tasting these bread rolls is when they are steaming hot or warm. But if you need to keep them for some special day, you might get them frozen. The rest of the rolls that haven’t been eaten, you may freeze up to one week, then take them out, place them into the microwave oven and heat for around thirty seconds.


Useful Tips:

  • Keep in mind that yeast is killed when water used for their dissolving is too hot, so the temp shouldn’t be higher than one hundred or one hundred and ten degrees F.
  • The amount of flour may vary, you had better watch for yourself how much you need while preparing the rolls.

Copycat Senorita Bread

The abovementioned recipe is an example of a copycat recipe for senorita bread rolls produced by a famous Filipino Star Bread Bakery. Surely, you will not receive the exact copy of these melting in a mouth rolls, but your recipe is going to help you to have really delicious home-made pastry samples. There are some other copycat recipes available for you if you wish to try several ways of baking and choose the one you love best.

Does Senorita Bread Have Eggs?

Yes, this Spanish bread has eggs in it, there are two eggs necessary for making dough for them, but if you don’t eat eggs and you are in need of a special way to make dough for the rolls, search on the internet to find one or just improvise.

Senorita Bread Calories

Due to high content of butter and sugar in this pastry, they are rich in calories. In a bakery one serving of these rolls contains one hundred and thirty- six calories. There around eight grams of fat, sixteen grams of carbs and around three grams of proteins. So, it is around fifty per cent of fat, forty -five per cent of carbs and seven per cent of proteins.

Senorita Bread, Los Angeles

If you crave to find some places where you may fetch these delicious and tender rolls, there are options for you to review and discover in Los Angeles:

Study the contacts and reviews and make a decision about where to take these pastry samples.

Senorita Bread, Vallejo

Surely, one of the most popular and precious spot to grab some senorita bread along with the other pastry types is Starbread Bakery in Vallejo, the state of California. This place has been here for years, and some of its fans have started visiting it when it wasn’t even named like this. Now, this bakery is known in California, it has got vegetarian options, as there are plenty of vegetarians in this sunny state. The spot has food to go options, but there is no delivery. There are parking places both for cars and bicycles near it, they also accept credit cards. So, pay a visit to this amazingly tasty bakery and try the best hot senorita bread rolls or Spanish bread.

Filipino Star Bread Recipe

If you can’t live without Filipino star bread buns after tasting them for several times, you should start cooking them according to several recipes at home. Philippine bakery is truly impressive and it is hard to resist a desire to have some of them regularly. So, watch these two video to find out how to make them by yourself:

Filipino Senorita Bread near Me

If you are staying in Sacramento or you are only planning to pay a visit there, here is a link for you to read about the best spot to grab some senorita bread rolls:

If it is Dublin, CA that you are planning to stay at, learn the info here and choose the bakery or any other food spot to your liking:

Enjoy these amazingly tender, fluffy and airy rolls anywhere you go!!